GWS GIANTS Junior Clubs March: 28 April

For those that have registered for the GWS Giants Junior Clubs March on Saturday 28 April, please make sure you EITHER wear your game day jumper home OR your training shirt (or even your GWS GIANTS gear) for the march to identify yourself as Concord GIANTS.

Here are the major timings for the day:

2pm  club participants can start to arrive at Cathy Freeman Park.
3:10pm  clubs to start marshalling kids in their groups.
3:15pm  start to move over to go through gate D, everyone will going over in order, which we confirm with clubs on the day.
3:35pm  clubs to all be at the ramp behind the Members stand. Clubs to ensure all parents know that they need to be back at that spot to collect their children once they come off the field.
Approx 3:50pm  march to begin. We can walk slow due to having a good amount of time on field.
Approx 4:20pm  all clubs to be off oval and walked back to meeting point for collection at the top of the ramp.
4:35pm  game starts

If you missed out on tickets, you can still get them by emailing Lauren at the GIANTS. You’ll still be able to march and get access to the game, you just won’t be able to sit with the rest of the Concord GIANTS players.

PS: Send some pics for Facebook! Email: