Concord GIANTS kids LOVE to play footy, so it is not surprising that they can clock up significant milestones in their junior playing careers.

Milestone Achievements

300 Games
Joshua Lee, 2016
250 Games
William Gibbs, 2018
200 Games
Harrison Lee, 2016
Mathew Koksakis, 2016
Joshua Gibbs, 2018
150 Games
Patrick Braithwaite, 2012

Jackson Hering, 2013
Joshua Gibbs, 2015
Ashton Whitting, 2015
Blake McKenzie, 2016
Andrew Tunstead, 2018
Oscar Bowhill-Hayes, 2018
Brayden Bowhill-Hayes, 2018
100 Games
Adam Mackie, 2012
Daniel Mackie, 2012
Ethan May, 2012
Liam Morrison, 2013
Matthew Cassar, 2014
Jack Carroll, 2014
Charlie Bruton, 2014
Mathew Maronese, 2014
Justin Ryan, 2016
Damian Ryan, 2016
Jaden Fuata, 2017
Justin Ryan, 2018
Harrison Baxter, 2018
Alexander Del Popolo, 2018
50 Games
William Studdley, 2008Joshua Slaney, 2009Lachlan Mcallister, 2009
Dane Urban, 2010William Akerboom, 2010John Burton, 2010
Ryan Tunstead, 2011Brian Quigley, 2011Josiah May 2012
Jamie Dunn, 2012Nathan Cassar, 2012Brendan Hore-Thorburn, 2012
Matthew Slaney, 2014Jacob Braithwaite, 2014James Hewgill 2014
Ralph Ryan, 2014Michael Robinson, 2014Jamie Carroll, 2014
Jamie Carroll, 2014Nicholas Malakalis, 2014Declan Cannon, 2014
Jye Morrison, 2015Kane McKenzie, 2015Nathan Cinc, 2015
Raj Johnston, 2015Jack Scott, 2015Jae Yarad, 2015
Lachlan Jones, 2015Ben Chase, 2015Oliver Quinn, 2015
Curtis Bowhill-Hayes, 2015Zachariah Thorne, 2015Sebastian Chartres, 2015
James Stewart, 2015Mark Chiswick, 2015Taj Thorne, 2015
Noah Ming, 2016Christopher Krzeszkowski, 2016Thomas Charles, 2016
Alexander Au-Yeung, 2016Finn Taylor, 2016Lucas Hargans, 2016
Anthony Corso, 2016Christopher Hogan, 2016Nate Tucker, 2016
Bailey Leighton, 2016Thomas Dunphy, 2016Daniel Vianello, 2016
Matthew Broadbent, 2016Elliot Harris, 2016Daniel Righi, 2016
Patrick Ryan, 2016Jack Harris, 2016Michael Fiadino, 2016
Thomas Keogh, 2016Thomas Moussa, 2016Patrick Hewgill, 2016
Jae Yarad, 2016Martti Zenos, 2016Sallyanne Lee, 2918
Ethan Stefas, 2018Patrick Cummins, 2018Liam Penwill, 2018
Tom Buchanan, 2018
  • Joshua Lee - 300 Games

    Joshua is chaired off the ground after his 300th game. It was a match of 3s. The Canada Bay Cannons were 3 points down in the final quarter against the highly fancied Maroubra Saints. With literally 3 seconds left on the clock, Joshua kicked to goal from a crowded goal square, to win the match by 3 points. Sometimes footy dreams do come true…

    Josh Lee is chaired off after 300 games
  • Will Gibbs - 200 Games

    Will Gibbs leads the U13 Canada Bay Cannons onto the field, breaking through the banner to celebrate his 200 games. The Cannons produced one of their most memorable victories of the 2015 season in a hard-fought game against Wests, earning a spot in the finals series.

    Will Gibbs 200 game banner run
  • Harrison Lee - 200 Games

    Harrison Lee captained the Canada Bay Cannons/North Ryde joint venture U17 Div 3 team in 2016, reaching his 200th game in the Grand Final. In this picture, Harrison leads the team through a Mosman guard of honour, acknowledging the end of the 2016 home and away season.

    Harrison Lee leads U17s off field
  • Joshua GIbbs - 150 Games

    Joshua Gibbs collects his award for 150 games at the Canada Bay Cannons Presentation Evening 2015.

    Joshua with his award
  • Mathew Maronese - 100 Games

    His name in lights… the Drummoyne Oval scoreboard lights up to acknowledge Mathew “Maro” Maronese’s 100 game in 2014.

    Scoreboard with Mathew Maronese 100 game acnowledgement
  • 50 Games

    50 Game acknowledgements at the Concord GIANTS 2016 Presentation Day.

    Players with 50 game milestone certificates
  • 50 Games

    50 game acknowledgements at the Concord GIANTS 2016 Presentation Day.

    players with 50 game milestone certificates
  • Jaden Fuata - 50 Games

    The Drummoyne Power scoreboard acknowledges the 50 game milestone clocked by Jaden Fuata in 2014.

    Scoreboard with Jaden's 50 game milestone
  • 50 Games

    50 game acknowledgements at the Concord GIANTS 2016 Presentation Day.

    Players with 50 game certificates